Burners directly onto your countertop

18th June, 2019


Available now at Vogue Kitchens...  Burners directly onto your countertop.

PITT cooking: a cooking concept where separate burners are directly integrated into your countertop. With all the technical parts hidden below the countertop, it does not only give your kitchen a unique look, it also enables burners to be placed further apart. Models can be combined with each other as wished. Your ideal cooking set-up tailored to fit. There’s something for everyone.

Design your ideal cooking space with the versatile PITT burners with Vogue Kitchens today!

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A Taranaki 'must do'!

26th November, 2018


The team at Vogue enjoyed meeting the lovely Juno Gin founders Dave and Jo last Friday night, for a Distillery Tour through their New Plymouth distillery.  It was fascinating to learn about the incredible and intricate flavours that are extracted from locally sourced botanicals.  I enjoyed seeing/hearing the thought and passion that Dave and Jo have for their products and after the gin tasting I found myself a new favourite tipple, yum!  ...Read More

Mother's Day Giveaway

7th May, 2018


It's giveaway time!  We have been very lucky to receive a signed copy of The Empowered Eating Handbook. Stop Dieting – Start Listening, by the lovely Michelle Yandle to giveaway. With a lovely inscription which reads “You are enough”. Paired with a Smith & Co. Elderflower and Lychee, Soy Wax Candle and Hand Cream by The Aromatherapy Co. a beautiful treat for a special mum! ...Read More